Originally founded in 1978

by Mark A Soholt & Donald M Salvesen

Mark A Soholt

Having grown up in the environment of the Midwest, Mark's desire has always been to follow a business path that would emulate the high ethical and moral standards of his upbringing. Having known his partner, Don Salvesen, for some years through church activities, family and working in New York, a bond developed between the two men. The result? An almost simultaneous desire to pioneer a business of their own, founded on the excellence of their skills and the integrity of their faith. Viking Construction was born! Viking, in business since 1978 emerges as a seasoned business, a can do company. Mark says, “we've learned the art of being big enough to do the job but never too big that we lose touch.” Viking Construction ...They became professionals the old fashioned way... they learned it!

Donald M Salvesen

A 3rd generation carpenter, Don was “born” into the business, learning and working with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the New York City area. With an emphasis on family and church, Don's heritage is one of high ethical and moral fibre, translating into pride in quality of work. Don believed the standards of the 2 partners is the very backbone and foundation of their growing enterprise. While possessing the intricate skills of quality craftsmen, Don and Mark are unique, because they've taken the time to discover the basic principles of making a business successful, standards of excellence, reasonable pricing and employees who are challenged to be the best! Don always said, “we are an organization that specializes in carpentry, communications and people! We're more than just carpenters.”

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